Halloween Home Haunts

Decorated Yards, Walk-Through Mazes, Performances & Other Amateur Attractions

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haunte house blinking eyesHalloween in Los Angeles is a very special time, when haunted house enthusiasts create elaborate Yard Haunts (or, in some cases Garage Haunts) in order to terrify appreciative trick-or-treaters just for the love of doing it. Below is a listing of these Halloween Yard Haunts in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. These neighbborhood home haunts usually feature houses and lawns decorated to resemble graveyards; some offer walk-through haunted mazes (although few if any actually allow you inside their house). Most are open on Halloween and one or two nights before or after. All are free and open to the public; some accept donations, either to off-set their costs or to benefit local charities. Although we categorize these Halloween attractions as “amateur” because they are non-profit, at least some are operated by industry veterans and feature professional-looking special effects.

Click here for the latest word on Amateur Halloween Events in Los Angeles. We learn of new haunts all the time, and they do not always get added to this list immediately, so be sure to check for new additions.

Note: Halloween Haunts with hyper-linked names lead to their own pages with more specific information, reviews, photographs, and video.

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1912 North Pepper Street
Burbank, CA 91505
Click here for our page devoted to the Backwoods Maze.

Balian Mansion front yard


1640 Braeburn Road, Altadena


  • Halloween Night


  • Dusk until 10pm


Scaring neighbor hood since 2000, this home haunt reportedly draws a crowd of 3,500 trick-or-treaters every October 31. An article at Altadenablog.com describes “dead bodies, zombies, and monsters…creatures, inflatable displays, doorways, coffins, and even a real hearse,” along with a walk-through “tunnel of darkness.” Opinions seem to vary on whether the Balian Mansion of Halloween is too intense for youngsters: some parents describe it as R-rated, others as a PG-13.

While in the area, you might want to check out some other Altadena yard haunts, listed here.

Sherwood Scare Summer CampBIG WORM’S SHERWOOD SCARE

8856 Encino Avenue
Northridge, CA 91325

2014 Dates: October 17-19, 24-26 & 31


  • 7-10pm all nights, except
  • 7pm to midnight on Halloween Night

Lights-On Version:

  • Sunday, October 26, from 5pm to 6:30pm (for those who do not want to be scared)


  • $3. Donation benefits Big Worm’s Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Website: Click here


Created in 2012 to raise money to fight Cystic Fibrosis, Sherwood Scare is no mere decorated yard; it’s a full-blown walk-through terror tour, loaded with monsters and mayhem, that immediately established itself as ranking among the best amateur Halloween events in Los Angeles.

Halloween 2013 will feature a brand new theme: Camp Sherwood – a summer camp every bit as cozy and safe as Camp Crystal Lake.

Read our review of the 2012 version here and our 2013 review here.

BONEY ISLAND YARD HAUNTHalloween Skeleton Magic Show
Sherman Oaks, CA 91432
Website: www.boneyisland.com
Click here to visit our page dedicated to the haunt.


Location: 3040 Moonstone Avenue, Simi Valley, CA 93065

2014 Date: To Be Announced (probably Halloween Night)

Hours: Dusk till 10pm

Description: The proprietor informs us (we have never been there) that Butler’s Zombie Estate features a walk-through maze, with animatronics and actors, that is “on the scary side of the spectrum.”


curse of the devil swamp logo775 South Fircroft Avenue
Covina, California

2014 Date & Hours:

  • October 31, 7-11pm


  • Free, but donations are accepted.

Website: Click here


The Curse of the Devil Swamp Haunted Attraction materializes on Halloween Night to haunt neighborhood trick-or-treaters. Hollywood Gothique has never made the trek out to Covina for this amateur yard haunt; however, theirs was the best mini-maze we sampled at this year’s ScareLA Halloween convention. As the name suggests, Curse of the Devil Swamp depicts a journey through a haunted swamp; if the full-scale version lives up to the sample we experienced, this one is worth the trip.


Beward the Dark Realm28621 Sugar Pine Way
Santa Clarita, CA 91390

2014 Dates & Hours:

  • October 24, 25, 31, and November 1, 7-11pm


This amateur Halloween event (from the original managers of the Heritage Haunt in Newhall) made its debut in 2013. Beware The Dark Realm features professional makeup and haunters and new home-made effects. This amateur attraction from the original managers of the Heritage Haunt returns for its second year of Halloween horror. Beware the Dark Realm is a home haunt featuring a Medieval theme, with a two-story castle facade leading to a 10-15 minute maze of winding corridors, filled with creatures around every corner. Sounds like fun!

This is a free event, but please bring a can of food to be donated to the local food pantry.

DIY Haunt HouseDIY Haunt House

Location: 11206 Califa Street, North Hollywood, CA 91601

2014 Dates: To Be Announced

Hours: Sunset until midnight

Web Page: Click here

Description: Do-It-Yourself Halloween enthusiasts “Charlemagne Lazarus” (a.k.a. “Charlemagne Kinsman,” a.k.a. Brian Miller) throws his hat into the ring with this new home haunt. The DIY Haunt House is described as short and suspenseful, with a low fright level but probably not appropriate for children under eight.

The haunt is free. The entrance is on the cross street, Fair Avenue.

414 Rose Avenue
Eternal Rest Cemetery SignVenice, California

Website: www.venicehauntedhouse.com

E-Mail: Bunchastuf@aol.com

2014 DATES: To Be Announced

HOURS: Typically, from dusk (approximately 6:30pm) until the line of trick-or-treaters dwindles.

Updates: click here

PRICE: Free!

INFORMATION: This annual yard haunt is described as sporting a “Professional outdoor haunted Halloween environement” that may “be too scary for very young children.” Since3 2009, there has been a claustrophobic walk-through on the side of the house, with a cramped corridor marked by tight turns, leaving you no room to evade the creatures lurking within. It takes only a few minutes to get through, but it is very effective.

Fallen Angel retouchedFALLEN ANGEL CEMETERY – On Hiatus
23830 Berdon Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Contact: (818) 716-6659

DATES & HOURS: To Be Announced, if any. The proprietor took 2013 off; hopefully, he will return.

(In the past, Fallen Angel Cemetery was usually open mid-October till the 31st, dusk till 10:00pm, giving out candy on Halloween night only)

INFORMATION: This amateur haunt takes a classic approach to Halloween – spooky, not gory – with lots of candy and fun for the kids. It consists of a decorated front yard with light and sound effects to create the impression of lightening, thunder, wind, and rain.

Check out their YouTube video.

Find articles about Fallen Angel Cemetery here.

Fall of the Punkin PeopleTHE FALL OF THE PUNKIN PEOPLE

Location: 13420 Wetworth Street, Arleta

2014 Dates: None. By way of explanation, the proprietor says he is “struggling with servos.”

Website: click here (info is sparse here)

Facebook Page: click here

Description: This yard haunt – more of a backyard art installation – went on hiatus in 2013 after making its debut in 2012. The Fall of the Punkin People billed itself as an experiment in storytelling: the concept was that visitors wandered an “abandoned field” (actually a back yard), observing the secret village of the tiny Punkin People; each little building conveyed a fragment of the story, which unfolded in a non-linear way, since visitors could look at buildings in whatever order they chose.

The official website and Facebook page are not exactly fonts of information, but if you want to know more you can check out the 2012 Kickstarter campaign, which lays out the plan in some detail.

The Fall of the Punkin People is a free experience.

Ontario Street and Chandler Boulevard in Burbank

Dates: Usually, the weekend before Halloween, and Halloween Night

Hours: 7-10pm, later on Halloween Night

Description: This walk-through yard haunt has been around for a decade and a half, although not at its current location. Fear Family Hospital features an outdoor maze; the house, situated on a corner lot, offers plenty of room. The tone is a bit goofy, with an improvised feel as the proprietor, in the guise of a mad doctor shows off his guillotine, electric chair, etc.  There are a few good scares with hands reaching out from beneath the black plastic “walls,” and there are some nice decorations, but this is mostly a neighborhood-level event.

Forest of Mirrors

6124 Lederer Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367-1329
Phone: 818-932-9491
Email: internet@pbergeron.com
Website: www.forestofmirrors.com

2014 DATES & HOURS: To Be Announced (probably October 31, 6:00pm to 10:30pm)

Description: Located in a house once owned by silent movie comedian Buster Keaton, this Halloween yard haunt features a cemetery that seems endlessly extended thanks to strategic use of mirrors. That may not terribly terrifying when you read it, but in person the illusion is startling and remarkable.

Click here for our archive on this haunt.

On Katherine Avenue, between Riverside Drive & Huston Street
Sherman Okas, CA

DATE & HOURS: Usually the last week of October, from dust till…?


DESCRIPTION: This small-scale amateur yard haunt features 13 gravesites, moving skeletons, bats, ghosts, fog, lighting and sound effects. There are no monsters to scare trick-or-treaters, making the Halloween Graveyard very kid-friendly.

Hanover Hall exteriorHANOVER HALL: The October Country
1016 Beechwood Street
Camarillo, CA 93010

2014 Dates: To Be Announced

Hours: Typically, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Admission: free, but donations are gladly accepted.

The manager of this yard haunt promises something different: less gore and more atmosphere, in the tradition of classic haunted house tales, with an emphasis on whimsy and fun. There are no scare actors, just atmospheric displays of ghosts, goblins, and witches. All of this is contained in a small structure to create the enclosed “dark ride” feel that one associates with the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland.

Halloween 2013 will feature the “same whimsy and atmosphere as usual, with story scenes of how the house came to be haunted through its history, illustrated by the spirits and jack o’lantern’s within.”

Oct. 7th
> through the 31st 730-10pm fri sat sun. Ideal for the kids, all
> display, no scare actors, just really atmospheric. Free, but donations
> are gladly taken.

19521 Hart St. in Reseda

DATES & HOURS:  Decorations are typically up by the first week of October; monsters haunt the sidewalk outside the yard only on Halloween night, from dusk till the trick-or-treaters disappear.

ADMISSION & PARKING: Free – but parking is difficult. This is a neighborhood that loves Halloween, and the curbs are crowded with cars.

DESCRIPTION: This yard haunt is situated in a Los Angeles neighborhood overflowing with Halloween spirit; many houses are decorated, and the sidewalks overflow with trick-or-treaters. The yard itself is loaded with mannequins of all shapes and sizes, many of them showing mechanical motions. There is no walk-through maze, but you do have to maneuver along a walkway between some fences to get to the front door for candy; the escape route takes you past a upright coffin that – surprise! – turns out to be occupied. As if that were not horror enough, a handful of monsters – a werewolf, Michael Myers, and others – lurk around the sidewalk, inflicting fear on unwary travelers.

haunted diary dark carnivalTHE HAUNTED DIARY
603 N. Las Palmas Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Website: www.thehaunteddiary.com

2014 Dates & Hours: To Be Announced

Admission: free, but donations are accepted.

Description: Formerly known simply as “Haunted Hollow,” this Halloween home haunt morphed into a sort of anthology in 2012: the connecting link is the “Haunted Diary,” which will open every Halloween to a new page, featuring a new theme. 2013’s theme is Dark Carnival.

The Haunted Diary is a walk-through scare experience that is not recommended for younger children. The front yard will be decorated (and perhaps populated with live monsters),  with candy available for children too timid to enter the haunt itself.

3432 Karen Ave
Long Beach, CA 90808

2014 DATE & HOURS: To Be Announced, if any

After going dark for Halloween 2010 and 2011, the proprietor resurrected the Haunted Garage in 2012. Unfortunately, a busy work schedule prevented a Halloween 2013 presentation.

ADMISSION: Free, but there was a suggested donation of $3

DESCRIPTION: In the past, The Haunted Garage has put on a different theme each Halloween. For example, the 2008 version conflated the Faust legend with an insane asylum, for “Dr. Uphir’s Sanitorium.”

Haunted house opening.2010 copy

2125 Punta Del Este St. in Hacienda Heights, CA

2014 Date: To Be Announced (probably Halloween night only)

Hours: 6-10pm

Haunting since 2002, this amateur effort in the Hacienda Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles promises a bigger and scarier Halloween every year. Starting in the front yard, a walk-through labyrinth wraps around the house, through the garage, and then an additional maze is built on the end. The scares are reportedly too intense for younger children; however, if a child enters, the monsters are alerted on a radio to tone down their act.

5112 Maricopa Street Torrance, CA 90503
Contact: info@thehauntedshack.com
Website: www.thehauntedshack.com

2014 Dates & Hours: To Be Announced (usually October 31 and perhaps one more day, 7pm-10pm)

Admission & Parking: ALWAYS FREE

Updates: Click here.

Information: In operation since 1997, the Haunted Shack has grown into a single effects-filled, 1500-square-foot walk-through maze that takes 3-4 minutes to walk through. The look of the maze changes from year to year, depending on the theme (2005 was killer klowns, for example). The amateur haunt was closed in 2007 due to time contraints but reopened for 2008, and has been going strong ever since. The theme for 2001: Dia De Los Muertos.

click here

An atmospheric amateur yard haunt in Tarzana – one of the best ways to enjoy Halloween in Los Angeles. Click here for more information.

haunting in anaheim 2THE HAUNTING – On Haitus
Anaheim, CA (address revealed one week prior to Halloween)
Website: www.tragicterror.com

2014 Dates: To Be Announced, if any.

After going on hiatus in 2013, the official website suggests that the haunt “hopes” to return in 2014. This is not the first time something like this has happened: In 2011,The Haunting in Anaheim cancelled its annual appearance at the last minute, but then returned for its 15th anniversary in 2012. Typically, The Haunting manifests only Halloween Night only.

Hours: Typically starts at dusk. The Que Line closes promptly at 10pm.

Admission: free

Description: This amateur haunt, which features a walk-through maze, has been scaring Anaheim residents since 1997. We have never had the opportunity to visit.

2134 Elizondo Avenue
Simi Valley, CA 93065

2014 Dates & Hours:  To Be Announced (usually October 30 & 31, from dusk till…?)

An elaborate yard haunt loaded with custom-made props and decorations. Quite a bit of fun, with a short walk-through maze haunted by monsters of various shapes and sizes, depending on the year’s theme.

11922 Hesby Street
Valley Village, CA 91607

2014 Dates & Hours:  To Be Announced (probably the last few days of October)

Hours: dusk till 9:30pm on weekdays, till 11pm on weekend

Description: The proprietor describes this yard haunt as a “fun, kid-friendly cemetery scene…with projection effects, smoke, lights, and lasers.” We understand that there is a rival yard haunt around the corner. Might be worth checking out.

Grave Rock Gulch

Grave Rock Gulch


Location: 1547 Garden St., Glendale 91201

Website: Click here

2014 Dates: To Be Announced (probably the last week of October)

Hours: sundown to 10pm


2014 promises a new theme: “A Night in a Haunted House.”


Formerly known as Mishap Manor, this family-friendly yard haunt got a makeover and a new name for Halloween 2012, razing its decrepit haunted house to make room for a “A Haunt on Garden Street,” which included a cemetery with a pair of mausoleums, and a walk-through crypt,  enhanced with lighting and sound effects. You can read about our visit here.

2013’s theme was Grave Rock Gulch, a spooky but not too frightening old Western mining ghost town, which allows kids to pan – not for gold but for body parts! Facades include a Jail, a Spanish Mission, a Train Depot, a Saloon, a General Store, a Dentist-Barber Shop, an Undertaker, a Gold Mine, and a Water Tower.

Hollywood Haunter Updates: click here

THE HORROR ON FRANKEL STREET - Halloween Yard & Garage Haunt
Website: www.facebook.com/horroronfrankelst
Cool combination of yard haunt and garage haunt in the Lakewood area of Los Angeles. Click here for more information.

: www.houseathauntedhill.com
A great amateur Halloween attraction with a dramatic presentation, telling a story through narration, music, and professional-quality special effects, in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles. More than a decorated yard – it’s a haunted house extravaganza. Click here for more information.

Website: www.houseofrestlessspirits.com
Tremendously spooky haunted house in Santa Monica, west of Los Angeles, near the ocean, featuring incredible special effects. Both the front yard and the back yard are haunted; plus there are numerous manifestations peeking out the windows of the house. Click here for more information.

1785 E. Orange Grove Boulevard Pasadena, CA 91104

DATES & HOURS: Starts at dusk on Halloween night of odd-numbered years. For those of you who flunked math, this means there should be no haunt in 2014.

DESCRIPTION: An expansive Halloween yard haunted loaded with tombstones and decorative lights. A few sound effects enhance the cemetery feel, but the tone is mostly jokey (with gravestone markers for Bush and Michael Bolton). Passing through an arch, you take the long walk toward the house, accompanied by a silent figure in a gas mask. The front of the house is even more elaborately decorated with bones, an angle skeleton, and wafts of fog. The costumes proprietors guard the door, scaring those who look strong enough to take it but receiving the children amiably enough. Before you take your candy and leave, don’t forget to glance through the front door: the inside of the house is just as haunted as the outside, including some lovely miniature pieces above the fireplace mantle.

mourning title block

5250 Aurelia St., Simi Valley
click here

2014 Dates & Hours: To Be Announced (usually October 1-31, from dusk till 11pm)

Updates: click here

DESCRIPTION: The ghosts of times long past are already stirring and waiting for their chance to walk among you. Will you come and greet them? They’re always looking for company. Come stay a while…a long while….

murder manorMURDER MANOR
5311 Acacia Avenue
Garden Grove, CA 92845

Website: ocmurdermanor.webs.com

Dates & Hours:  To Be Announced, if any. The Website is down, suggesting the haunt may be defunct.

Description: Every Halloween, this old Victorian estate transforms into Murder Manor, beckoning guests to travel once again down the haunted hallways, where horrific events from long ago return to life.

The Murder Manor haunt is free but donations are encouraged. 50% of donations go to Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

nightmare on ambroseNIGHTMARE ON AMBROSE

Location: 4302 Ambrose Avenue, Los Angeles (Los Feliz Area), CA 90027

Dates & Hours: To Be Announced if any. This haunt made its debut in 2013; we have not heard whether it will return.

Admission: Free. Donations accepted.

Description: From what we hear, 13 year-old Timur Bootzin and his ghoulish friends are scaring friends and neighbors in this new, self-made Halloween maze, which might be too intense for small children.

nightmare in whiting woods skeletonTHE NIGHTMARE IN WHITING WOODS
413 Whiting Woods, Glendale, 91028

2014 Date: To Be Announced, if any. The official website is down, and there have been no updates to their Facebook page since 2013.

Websiteclick here

Description: This amateur effort has been haunting since 2002, sometimes at different locations. They launched a Kickstarted campaign to upgrade their props and effects for 2013 but fell short of their goal. Hopefully, the haunt will continue anyway.

NIght of the LIving Dead y copy

Night of the Living Dead

Location: 22408 Cantara St. West Hills, CA 91304

2014 Dates: To Be Announced

Hours: Treats handed out on Halloween night from dusk until…?

Description: We first heard of this one in Halloween 2012, but too late to do anything about it. This year, it has moved to a new location, but we understand that the basic theme remains the same. The proprietor tells us he is offering a “spooky and gory yard haunt that will give you chills down your spines…literally!”

There will be man-eating zombies and monsters roaming the area. Those brave enough to circumvent them and survive long enough to reach the front door will be rewarded with treats.


Location: 28603 Natalie Lane, Saugus, California 91390 (Note: Hollywood Gothique’s GPS insists that this address is located in Santa Clarita, not Saugus.)

Dates: To Be Announced

Hours: 7-11pm on Friday and Saturday, 8pm to midnight on Halloween night.

No-Scare Lights-On Version: Halloween night, 6-8pm

Admission: Free

Website: Click here

Description: Situated on a corner in a quiet Santa Clarita neighborhood, this amateur yard haunt features outdoor decorations and a walk-through maze inside the garage. There is some plastic tarp, but for the most part the construction effectively creates the illusion that you are inside a haunted house, and though short, the 600-foot labyrinth is impressively dense with scares. 2013 will feature an expanded experience, featuring eight haunted rooms instead of six.

Website: www.rottenapple907.com
More than just a decorated yard, this amatuer Halloween haunt features a walk-through maze with a different theme every year, located in Burbank, in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. Click name for more information.

spider-lights at catalinaSPIDER-LIGHTS AT CATALINA
806 Catalina St
Burbank, CA 91505

2014 Dates & Hours: To Be Announced. Yard decoration usually up by October 20. Full display with lights and sounds on October 26, 27 & 31. Candy distributed on Halloween Night from 6-10pm.

Admission: Free

Description: This is a charming kid-friendly haunt in Burbank, which seems to be the “Yard Haunt Central” area of Los Angeles. It is also safe to walk through, with lights and decorations but nothing too scary for young trick-or-treaters. Almost all decorations are in place a night or two before Halloween, with many on display up to a week previously.

SH art square

17449 Burbank Boulevard
Encino CA

2014 Dates & Hours: To Be Announced, if any. After making its debut in 2012, this home haunt went on hiatus for Halloween 2013. We will let you know if the proprietor decides to resurrect Spooky Hollow.

Website: Click here

This new Halloween yard haunt made its debut in Los Angeles for October 2012. The proprietor (whose Imagineerie company provides effects for professional Halloween theme park attractions) offers this description:

Spooky Hollow is a yard haunt put together by a (partially) mad man to satiate his need to share his love of Halloween. It is an elaborate yard display of a grave yard, a witches lair and a toxic waste dump featuring “off the shelf” animated figures, video illusions and perhaps a few surprises. There will be some costumed “creatures”, but they are there to greet visitors, not scare them. This display, while creepy, is otherwise family friendly.* This is Spooky Hollow’s first year. If all goes well, the plan is to morph and grow the event over the coming years into a completely unique and engaging event rivaling large haunts and theme parks in show quality.

*UPDATE: Regarding the term “family friendly,” the owner clarifies: although there are no “in your face” jump-scares, Spooky Hollow could be a bit frightening for some small children, with creepy atmospheric effects and some gruesome props and decor.

Spydrhill Cemetary entranceSPYDRHILL CEMETARY
1522 w 222nd Street, Torrance, California 90501
Facebook page
: click here

2014 Date: To Be Announced, if any. 2013 was billed as the final year for this home haunt, though there is a chance that the proprietor may bass the baton to the next generation.

Hours: 5:30pm for trick-or-treating; 7pm for scaring

Location: 1522 w 222nd Street, Torrance, California 90501

Description: This amateur Halloween yard haunt was scaled back  in 2012, due to lack of funds; the proprietor set up a Kickstarter account but was unable to meet his goal. Construction began late in October 2013 on Spydrhill’s “final Halloween Haunt in Torrance.”

In its heyday, Spydrhill offered three fright-filled rooms: Cobweb Alley, Clowns of Chaos, and Spydrhill Cemetary. Guests who dared to enter would find themselves in a once-beautiful town now overrun by arachnids. If you make it through the winding maze, candy will be your reward.

Admission is free, but donations are accepted to offset cost.

13th Gate 2011 poster copyTHE 13th GATE ASYLUM
1798 Avenida Navidad
Camarillo, CA 92780
Email: info@the13thGateAsylum.com

2014 DATE: To Be Announced, if any. This yard haunt went on hiatus for 2012 and 2013, but the proprietors inform us they intend to return for 2014.

In the past, the haunt was typically open only on Halloween Night: 6-7pm: Child’s Play/Chicken Hour (no scaring); 7:30-10:30pm: Fair Game (anything goes).

ADMISSION & PARKING: FREE. Donations accepted.

BACKGROUND: The haunt features thirty cast member. The theme changes and thes walk-through maze is reconfigured every year. 2009’s theme was Carn-Evil (yup, killer klowns). 2010 offered “The Haunted Forest.” 2011’s theme was Nightmares.

Van Oaks Cemetery yard hauntVAN OAKS CEMETERY

Location: 5822 Norwich Avenue, Sherman Oaks, CA 91411

Dates: To Be Announced (usually the last two weeks of October)

Hours: 7-11pm

Website: Click here

Description: This nifty little Halloween yard haunt, which started in 2011, eschews of crude shocks; you will see neither blood nor chainsaw, only atmosphere. The display consists of tombs, static skeletons, ominous but subtle music, and a couple of nice effects, including a phantom figure that periodically passes through a front window – pretty impressive for an amateur effort.

The Van Oaks Cemetery may be a little too low-key to warrant a trip all on its own, but if you happen to be in the area, it is worth stopping by for a brief visit. Full effects and lighting may not be up until the final week of October.

michael, jason, frankenstien, freddyTHE WESTERN HOUSE OF DARKNESS

Location: 2821 S. Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90018

2014 Dates & Hours: To Be Announced (usually October 31, 7pm to …?)

Facebook PageClick here

Description: This amateur Halloween yard haunt – which has been in operation several years – features scary decorations with a few animatronics, music and sound effects.

Decorations are usually on display by mid-October. On Halloween Night, the owners throw a neighborhood potluck party, offer treats for the local kids, and dress in costume to deliver a scare or two.

A headless woman  at Western House of Horror A convict ghoul  at Western House of Horror Monsters on display at the Western House of Horror

Formerly the Van Noord Street Haunted House
1077 Whitecliff Road Thousand Oaks, CA (818) 681-3750
Website: whitecliffhaunt.tripod.com

DATES & HOURS: Halloween night, dusk till….

INFORMATION: Once a fairly elaborate yard haunt with a walk-through maze, Whitecliff Manor has been reduced to a front-yard display since 2012.

HISTORY: At their previous location on Van Noord Street in Los Angeles, this amateur Halloween yard haunt (put on by some genuine Halloween enthusiasts) featured a front yard decorated as a pet cemetery and a short, walk-through tunnel with some nice black-light decorations and a brief, surprise scare at the end. After moving to Thousand Oaks, the haunt expanded its pet cemetery, and added an electric chair and a haunted foyer with a dead butler to guide guests through a 42-foot walk-through maze. Due to time constraints, the maze was abandoned in 2007, then resurrected for 2008, then abandoned again – this time, apparently, for good. After taking a year off to visit other haunts in 2009, the proprietors returned for 2010, then sat out 2011 again. Their website indicates that, from now on, they will no longer be doing an elaborate home haunt, just a decorated yard.

Check out our archive of posts for Yard Haunts.

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