Queen Mary Dark Harbor


Graceful Gale haunts the Soulmate maze, new for Halloween 2014.

Halloween Attraction

1126 Queens Highway
Long Beach, CA 90802
Queen Mary Phone: 562-435-3511
Email: darkharbor@queenmary.com
Queen Mary Website: QueenMary.com
Dark Harbor Webpage

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Although the Queen Mary is, technically, not a theme park, its annual October event is one of the largest, dankest, and most ominous ways to enjoy Halloween in Los Angeles, one that deserves to be categorized along with haunted attractions like Knott’s Scary Farm and Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights – which is exactly what we do in this article: “L.A.’s Best Theme Park Halloween Attractions”

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Half-Hatch Henry will drag you down into Hellfire.

Half-Hatch Henry will drag you down into Hellfire.


  • October 2-4; 9-12; 16-19, 23-26 and Oct. 29-31
  • N ovember 1-2. Hours are from 7 p.m. to midnight.


  • 7 p.m. to midnight

QUEEN MARY DARK HARBOR TICKETS: General admission: $24-34 in advance; $29-39 at the door

  • Fast Fright Pass (front of the line): $20-25 in advance; $25-30 at the door.
  • VIP Pass (includes Fright Pass): $86.
  • Season Pass (unlimited visits in October, with Fright Pass privileges): $50
  • Group Admission: prices start at $19 each for groups of 15 or more
  • Happy Haunting Hour pass: $20, available online only – must enter the park before 8pm.


  • The Queen Mary usually charges $15-20 for parking


  • The Queen Mary – which is a hotel year round – offers hotel packages ranging fro $229 to $289. You get 2 General Admission tickets, 2 Fast Fright front-of-the-line passes, and a one-night stay aboard the Queen Mary.

Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2013 monsters2014 QUEEN MARY DARK HARBOR CHARACTERS:

Since 2012, Dark Harbor as been exploiting the Queen Mary’s allegedly haunted history, offering frights and characters based on legends of ghosts and hauntings. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, the aura of authenticity lent an extra layer of unease to one of the most atmospheric Halloween haunts in Los Angeles . For 2014, the ghoul crew returns:

  • The Ringmaster – yes, the psycho-circus act is back.
  • The Captain – Captain of the Grey Ghost during WWII, he’s still protecting his undead troops.
  • Samuel the Savage – Locked in room B340 after a violent outburst, Samuel was later found ripped apart in his room and is now locked forever in Containment – or is he?
  • Graceful Gale – This classic beauty boarded the ship in 1939 and then disappeared without a trace. Now Gale haunts the dance floor looking for a new partner – for eternity.
  • Half Hatch Henry – A young firefighter who was crushed by hatch #13, Henry roams the ship’s mazes looking for action.
  • Scary Mary – The ship’s youngest soul has haunted the ship since her drowning in the pool. Mary’s always looking for a new playmate.

The Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2013: The Circus maze - new for Halloween 20132014 QUEEN MARY DARK HARBOR MAZES:

Dark Harbor offers two new mazes, plus a handful of returning mazes.

  • NEW FOR 2014: Soulmate! The character Graceful Gale – a 1930s dance hall siren – haunts the former location of the Containment maze, using her alluring beauty to lure men to a fate worse than death.
  • NEW FOR 2014: B340! Samuel the Savage, a third-class passenger in 1948, gets his own maze. Locked in his room after a violent outburst, the madman was later found ripped to shreds. This maze drags you down with Samuel on descent into insanity.
  • The Circus: the Ringmaster’s circus returns in the Dome.
  • DeadRise: The Captain rises from the watery depths, along with his doomed ship.

ferris_squeal OTHER ATTRACTIONS:

In addition to the mazes, there are free-roaming ghouls near Hell’s Bell Tower (a ship smokestack belching flame). There are three new attractions, each of which requires an extra free:

  • NEW FOR 2014: The Exclusive Encounters offer an opportunity for a handful of guests to go on a paranormal trek through sections of the Queen Mary previously closed off. Like the returning Freakshows, this attraction promises more intimate scares, avoiding the conga-line approach symptomatic of larger events.
  • NEW FOR 2014: Voodoo Village: shrunken heads, dolls, and the mysterious Voodoo Queen taunt and torment you.
  • Ferris Squeal: For $3, ride above the Dark Harbor and look down upon the monsters awaiting your return to terra firma
  • Mechanical Monster: Try to ride the bucking wild elephant for 8 seconds.
  • Freak Shows: visit a rogue’s gallery of ghouls for a small up-charge. Essentially, these are short mini-mazes, which you enter in small groups (just you and your friends) to experience a handful of scares aimed directly at you.


  • The Queen Mary itself is a big feature, with its long spooky corridors, many of them allegedly haunted.


Back when the Spruce Goose was still nestled in the dome next to the ship, the Queen Mary tried a Halloween Party night. Approaching the old-fashioned, faux fishing village through the artificial fog was an eerie experience, but the party itself was mostly just disco dance nonsense, along with a mild-mannered guided tour below decks. Having learned from that long-ago mistake, in 1995 Shipwreck productions tried its hand at turning the venerable sailing vessel-cum-hotel-and-tourist-attraction into a Knott’s Scary Farm-type Halloween event, called the Halloween TerrorFest. Since the bowels of the ship are spooky in their own right, and since there are one or two allegedly authentic ghost stories associated with the vessel, the setting was perfect, and it’s been going strong every since. In 2009, new management took over the haunt, rebranding it as “Shipwreck Halloween located at the Haunted Queen Mary.”

Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2011 Bundara and her sisters

Bundara and her demonic sisters at Dark Harbor 2011

  • In 2010, the Queen Mary launched a brand-new Halloween event: Dark Harbor, a completely revamped haunt, with a new theme. The premise is that a trio of she-demons, each with her own realm of horror, will take over the ship and ensnare guests in a particular lair; expect some new characters to make appearances. The plan was to create an immersive environment that included not only the ship itself but also the surrounding harbor, with a bar and a stage featuring live entertainment. The long-term goal – to use 2010 as a launching pad for a Halloween event that will grow to rival Knotts Scary Farm and Halloween Horror Nights – continued in 2011, with the Dark Harbor adding some new monsters and effects but not expanding the number of mazes. Check out the design artwork for the demons, below…



  • Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Halloween attraction is not recommended for children under 13.
  • The  Queen Mary tends to enforce a strict dress code during Halloween, refusing admission to anyone wearing any of the following: , headbands, bandanas, spiked wristbands, belts, and many other items, including “Old English style writing on hats, shirts, or pants.” (???)
  • Costumes are generally not allowed. In the past, costumes have been allowed on Halloween Night only, as long as they did not include weaponry, such as guns, knives, swords, etc.


Check out our video playlist for the Queen Mary’s Halloween event.


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  • The Queen Mary Halloween TerrorFest: Click here.


  • 2013

Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2013: Graceful Gale haunts the submerged corridors of the Queen Mary The Ringmaster The Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2013: Scary Mary has been Submerged too long. The Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2013: Savage Samuel lurks in Containment Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2013: The Captain pilots a sunken ship in Deadrise The Queen Mary Dark Harbor Logo - Halloween 2013

  • 2012

Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2012 monsters logo Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2012 The Captain at the tiller Graceful Gale - one of the new characters enhancing the old mazes Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2012 Scary Mary Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2012 Half-Hatch Henry Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2012 Samuel the Savage Queen Mary Dark Harbor monster sailor

  • 2011:

The unhappy captain of a drowned ship Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2011 two monsters A she-demon haunts the Barricades near the Queen Mary Bundara and her sisters Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2011 band in costume plays on stage The Cage returns as part of Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2012

  • 2010

DARK HARBOR 2010 hells bells tower copy DARK HARBOR 2010 arial venue copy Queen Mary ghost QUEEN MARY HALLOWEEN 2010 Entrance to the Dark Harbor Entrancev3 Bundarajpeg mattenootjpeg Searerjpeg

  • 2009 and before

Known Maze from the Hauntd Queen Mary 2009

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