The Fright Gallery

Halloween Yard Haunt – No Longer in Operation
& Musical Stage Show
454 South Lamer Street
Burbank, CA

Not merely a yard haunt, this hysterically campy live musical stage show is one of the most outrageous amateur Halloween events in Los Angeles!

FRIGHT GALLERY DATES: NONE. This haunt’s website has been down since 2009, indicating that Fright Gallery has gone to the grave forever.

FRIGHT GALLERY SHOWTIMES: NONE (shows used to run at 7:15, 7:45pm, 8:15pm, 8:45pm, 9:15pm, 9:45pm)

FRIGHT GALLERY ADMISSION & PARKING: Free (donations accepted)

FRIGHT GALLERY HISTORY: Describing itself as a “terrifyingly hilarious experience in suburban lawn art,” this unique Los Angeles Halloween Yard Haunt began life back in 1980 as “The Horror House”; it went through several expansions and permutations, morphing into an annual Halloween-themed musical-comedy production. Offering titles such as “Shipwreck Shores,” “Boney Island,” “Scream Acres,” and the “Pumpkin Patch,” The Fright Gallery put on a demented –and amazingly elaborate — Broadway-style musical on a stage set up on the lawn in front of their haunted house facade, complete with stage lighting and moving set pieces.

In 2003 the Fright Gallery crew even tried their hands at a professional walk-through maze called “Experiment in Terror,” which was quite good (basically, a scripted tour of a haunted house, with each room featuring a different mechanical special effect, such as a semi-transparent ghost that appeared from a bathtub and “slimed” the audience).

The Fright Gallery did not put on a show during the 2006 or 2007 Halloween season. It returned one last time in 2008, with  ”Dead of the Class,” then gave up the ghost for eternity, apparently.

FRIGHT GALLERY VIDEO: Check our videos of “Dead of the Class” and  ”Twisted” (the later is part of the third segment of our four-part “Halloween Haunt Odyssey 2005.”)


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