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Last October, Hollywood Gothique made its first trip up north to check out some of the Halloween events in the East Bay Area near San Francisco. Previously, we posted the fruits of that endeavor in a review and video of the Candle Lighters Ghost House and in a review of the Pirates of Emerson. The latter attraction (located at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, California) has developed quite a reputation over the last few years, having expanded from its titular walk-through haunt into a mini-theme park with half a dozen mazes, plus various sideshows.

The Pirates of Emerson occupies a sort of no-man’s land in terms of classification: it is bigger than the typical Halloween Haunted Houses & Hayrides, but not so grand as the famous Halloween Theme Park Attractions, a la Knotts Scary Farm and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Nevertheless, it stands up among the more memorable Theme Park Halloween Events, in that it provides more than enough ghost and ghouls to keep you screaming for the entire evening.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to videotape inside the mazes, and we did not have time to post the video last October; however, we have managed to put together some clips that will hopefully give you an idea of what the Pirates of Emerson have to offer.

pirates of emerson 2


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