Nightmare Junction back for 2010

We had written the gruesomely good Halloween yard maze known as Nightmare Junction, since it had been out of operation for 2007, 2008, and 2009. To our surprise, during a swing through Burbank on our annual yard haunt odyssey, we found the haunt resurrected – as big, bold, and bloody as ever.

Back when we first started the Halloween Yard Haunt Odyssey, Nightmare Junction was one of the first amateur attractions we discovered with an extensive walk-through section. Located on the corner of a quiet neighborhood, Nightmare Junction suggests a torture chamber, complete with dismembered bodies strung up above the fence that surrounds the property, plus various torture racks and other menacing devices. The grounds are patrolled by a hooded executioner, who pulls a cord to drop the guillotine on a dummy victim. Enterting the main gate leads you into a short, maze structure, with a couple of gory scenes and several jump scares.

Although we have not had time to edit the video we shot last night, Part 1 of our first Yard Haunt Odyssey video includes a segment on Nightmare Junction, which starts about 4 minutes in.

Nightmare Junction, located at 2220 Chandler Blvd in Burbank, will be back on Halloween night from dusk until…?

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